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Jacky Carter has been rescuing hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals for many years.  As many as 50 can arrive in a week, all with a sorry tale to tell.  Some are there because the owner has lost interest in them, or are moving house and can't take them with them, others have just been abandoned or have become too much of a burden because they are ill.

Good homes are always wanted for these little animals who can bring so much pleasure and enjoyment.  If you would like to give a hamster a good home you can contact Jacky on 020 8658 5452(based in SE London).  See Current Rescues for hamsters that she is currently trying to re-home.

Somershire hamster rescue:  Wendy Barry rescues hamsters and other small animals.  She covers the eastern part of Somerset, West Wiltshire, Bath and all surrounding towns.  She also volunteers at a local RSPCA affiliated centre in Bath.  They also take in rescue hamsters.  You can contact her on  01373 300766.

Animal Lifeline rescue hamsters, cats, rabbits and other small animals. Full details can be found on their website:

Towy Vale web site is operated by Chris and Pete Logsdail. They are breeders and rescuers:

Syrian and Roborovskiis available regularly in Dundee, Scotland.  Occasionally Winter Whites and Campbells in range of colours and sexes.  Re-homing service available.  Contact on email address or call 07956002686, and ask for Morag.  Can deliver within reason.

Alternatively, contact your local RSPCA or rescue centres. Details of these can be found in local phone books, newspapers or often your vet will have contact numbers. 

(If you are a rescue centre and would like to be included here, please contact us)

If anyone knows of a hamster rescue centre in Co Durham, please contact us as we have someone looking to home a hamster in that area.

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