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Campbells are much smaller than Syrians and live in colonies.  Unless you are planning on breeding, if you decide to offer a home to Campbells make sure they are the same sex otherwise you could find yourself with a lot more than you originally planned. They are relatively friendly to each other, although sometimes fights do break out, especially if the dominant female is challenged.  If one is being picked on and is injured you should move them into a cage of their own, but do not be too hasty in separating them in case it is just a squabble. Once separated, it is unlikely you will be able to re-introduce them at a later date.

Campbells have a reputation of biting humans, although it you're lucky you might find one who is very friendly.  My first experience of Campbells was very good and I was fortunate to have a very friendly one called Flossy.  I automatically assumed that all Campbells were this sweet, it was only when I agreed to foster a mother and her babies that I discovered that Flossy was a rarity.  The mother would spit and hiss at me even when I went near the cage. 


Campbells are prone to diabetes, see Illnesses. Also see special Diets.

Campbells come in different colours - the interesting colouration of a platinum (see picture 2 above) is that as the hamster gets older their coat lightens to almost white (see picture 1 above).  Picture 3 above is a black eyed white Campbell.

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