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If you are seriously thinking about getting a hamster, do consider going to a rescue centre - there are so many unwanted and unloved creatures in this world all just hoping to be given a home and lot of TLC.

If you have any unwanted hamster cages that are in good condition and could be re-used, these are often greatly appreciated by hamster rescue centres who can then re-home hamsters in them, thereby saving the new owner the expense of buying a cage.  It's a good idea to phone the centre beforehand to check that they want it as some cages/tanks on sale are not particularly suitable.

To read some of my stories of rescued hamsters, click on the links below. 

Scruffy/Wheelie  Tripod   Ted/Cassie  Oscar  Neo  Half Pint/Bonny


URGENT APPEAL - HOMES URGENTLY SOUGHT FOR HAMSTERS Hamsters currently needing new homes

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