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Tripod is another sad, but typical case.  Abandoned in a box in an alleyway, he and his young brothers and sisters were badly neglected and undernourished.  Tripod and one of his brothers had serious leg injuries, possibly due to the type of fluffy synthetic bedding that had been given to them.  The danger of this type of bedding is that it can tighten round the hamsters' legs and they are unable to chew through it to free themselves.  One of the hamsters had been so badly injured he had gnawed his own leg off.

Tripod required immediate surgery to remove the damaged leg.  Fortunately for Tripod it was one of his back legs that had been injured, and for a hamster in captivity, this does not present much of a problem.  Apart from not being allowed a wheel in his cage which would result in over use of the other rear leg, and possible rubbing of his 'stump' he lives a perfectly normal and happy life.