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Half Pint/Bonny



    Two week old Half Pint and Bonny    Half Pint as he is today    

Bonny was a very young mother with a litter of five.  When she arrived it was immediately noticed that she had a leg injury.

She was monitored closely although as she was feeding her young there was little anyone could do to help her.  She didn't appear to be in any pain and therefore it was decided to leave her until her litter had been taken away from her before her leg was properly examined and she was put on any drugs.

She arrived on what was the hottest weekend of the year ever in this country.  Despite being put in a cool room, with the fan going all night and day, she decided she was too hot to look after her young and subsequently abandoned them.  A whole night was spent with her, trying to coax her back to the nest to feed her young who were by now very hungry.  In the morning she returned to them.

During the day she decided to relocate her nest to the other side of the cage and accidentally left the runt of the litter behind.  He was found that afternoon, buried in sawdust and very cold.  He was warmed up gently by hand and fed warm milk through a dropper although he was so small the drop of milk was too large to go into his mouth.  With a bit a persuasion Bonny took him back and fed him.  He remained considerably smaller than the rest of the litter and was therefore named Half Pint.  He has now gained weight and is incredibly friendly and active.  Bonny has since been to the vet to have her leg examined.  It appears that either she broke it when she was a baby before being rescued or she is suffering from some birth deformity.  For now her leg is being left alone but she is being monitored in case it needs amputating.  She gets around perfectly well but drags her 'dead' leg behind her.